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Industry information

China's rubber accelerators are mainly exported to Asia

Update Time: 2021-07-06

China's rubber accelerators are mainly exported to Asia, accounting for about 58.4%. Followed by Europe, accounting for about 18.5%. In Asia, Southeast Asian countries have a larger demand, accounting for 26.4%, followed by South Asia, accounting for 12.4%. Among them, the large demand for accelerators in Southeast Asian countries is closely related to the new construction and expansion of tire enterprises in this region by world tire giants in recent years. In particular, the overseas capacity expansion of Chinese tire enterprises is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia. According to Zhuo Chuang statistics, the capacity expansion of some tire enterprises is as follows:

In recent years, China alone has invested or planned to invest in the construction of 9.95 million all steel tires and 67.5 million semi steel tires in Southeast Asia. At present, there are few accelerator manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Therefore, as a big accelerant country in Southeast Asia, China has the advantages of transportation distance and price.

In terms of specific export destination countries, the top seven countries, except the United States and Germany, are all Asian countries, and the top countries are mainly East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

The total proportion of China's eight export destination countries is about 56%. Among them, the proportion of exports to Thailand was the highest, about 10.4%, followed by India, about 10.2%. 9.3% in the United States and 7.1% in Vietnam. These four countries together account for 37%.

Judging from the downstream demand of these countries, the global supply of tires and other products is also mainly concentrated in these countries. Especially in the United States, Japan and South Korea, the automobile manufacturing industry is relatively developed, and the demand for tire matching and replacement is large, which lays the foundation for the large demand for accelerators. From the previous analysis, it can be seen that in addition to China, the United States and India also have partial supply of accelerators, but the supply is limited, which creates favorable conditions for China's export of accelerators.

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