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UK Fuel Prices Soar to Record Levels

Update Time: 2022-03-17

It’s never been more expensive to fill up a car in the U.K.

The price of gasoline on Tuesday rose to a record 164.98 pence per liter, according to the RAC, the country’s main motoring organization. Diesel hit 176.04 pence, also an all-time high.

Since the start of March, both fuels have risen at their fastest rate on record. Prices were already historically high due to a tight market.

A full tank of unleaded gasoline for family car now costs almost 91 pounds ($119). For a diesel vehicle, it’s 97 pounds.

“We continue to remain hopeful that retailers will soon start to pass on recent reductions in the price of wholesale fuel to drivers when they next buy supply,” RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said in a statement.

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